Video Marketing Strategies: 5 Hot Strategies For Cool Results!

It is becoming very clear that video sharing is the future of the Internet and is here to stay. It’s amazing to imagine that your video can be seen all over the planet. It is already so powerful, but, we are just standing at the brink. There is still a tremendous amount more that can and will be done with video. We have not even begun to see all that will be possible.

The important thing to know is that you will seldom receive the power that video marketing offers unless you apply the proper video marketing strategies to your video sharing. I will go over a few of these crucial video marketing strategies with you in this article. If you aren’t already doing so, I encourage you to take full advantage of video marketing. And, I encourage you to do so, along with taking these video marketing strategies into consideration.

1.) Video Marketing Strategies, Strategy One: Master Your Video Editing

If you want your videos to stand out then make sure you’re editing them the right way, by adding text, special effects, sound, etc. Editing is a big part of the whole video creation process, which contributes to your overall success on video sharing websites. You can learn from watching other videos, and there are also courses you can take that will show you some creative things. After all, if your video isn’t making a good impression, it won’t matter how many views it gets. So, if you will be making your own videos, be sure to keep practicing so you get more familiar with the process.

2.) Video Marketing Strategies, Strategy Two: Use Video Sharing Platforms

Videos are transforming into a vital component of the Internet, and a consistent way to dispense information over the Internet. A few years ago, sharing videos on the web wasn’t as easy as it is today with the advent of video sharing sites such as YouTube. Being an Internet marketer, you should realize the value of these video sharing platforms that allow you to reach out to your target audience with a simple video.

3.) Video Marketing Strategies, Strategy Three: Use Your Primary Keywords The Correct Way

It is important to know that the video sharing sites will use their own evaluation system for all the videos. So one thing you should do is use your primary keyword in the video file name. There is no reason to name it something other than a useful tag, or keyword. You will simply be optimizing your video for video site and search engine search. And that is one of your most important video marketing strategies.

When video sharing sites start to rank your videos, they look at different elements of your videos to rank them well. This is why you should label your video’s file name effectively and include your keyword in there. This is a very common practice, for those who know about it, and you can help yourself by doing it, as well. Your video filename should be the URL extension for the video, and if it is not then use it in the URL.

4.) Video Marketing Strategies, Strategy Four: Join A Niche Group Or Groups

Video sharing sites like YouTube have targeted groups in almost every little niche; join these groups and become an active member. Contribute to the groups you join and be a part of the community. This way, once you get recognized, you can insert your website’s link in the signature before posting anything. If you’re able to give out valuable content that is targeted towards that particular group, the members will start to trust you and therefore will start to check out your signature link. This works much the same way as forums and discussion boards, except that it’s all about videos.

5.) Video Marketing Strategies, Strategy Five: Continue To Promote Your Videos For Maximum Exposure

Every once in a while it is possible, but the vast majority of times you cannot just load your video and expect traffic to get to it. That is why it is crucial to promote your videos for maximum exposure. This is probably the key of all your video marketing strategies. Sharing sites are good, but it is smart to do more promoting, rather than merely relying on views from the sharing sites. And, you should also do all you can to market your videos via social networking sites.

Leveraging social media can help your videos reach out to your target audience through different channels. Your aim should be to get your video in front of as many prospects as possible. Your overall conversions will increase as you gain more viewers that hopefully convert to website visitors. And, the best part about video marketing on these sites is that once your video becomes popular in your niche, it will keep spreading, getting more and more people to watch, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

In conclusion, from the above article and video marketing strategies, you can clearly see that video marketing can bring in massive traffic to your website or blog if used effectively. You have this new-fangled opportunity, applying these hot strategies, to leverage video content to get visitors interested in your site, make a high number of sales, gather more prospects and increase your web-based business. And, that’s cool!

Get Your MO Back With Your Network Marketing Strategy

Too often as network marketers we spend time trying to uncover the latest and greatest network marketing strategy that will supply us with a never ending list of opportunity seekers or people purchasing our products. Yet, when we find a new network marketing strategy, we can become so consumed with learning the tools, and detailing our processes, that the most fundamental action steps can escape us. Network marketing grows through relating, and connecting with people, so if you are not speaking with a minimum number of live people each day, you can lose momentum in your business rapidly.

Regardless of the network marketing strategy you employ for advertising and lead generation, you must realize the simple truth. If you want to build a successful business, it will require you to consistently focus on three basic activities for business building. The three elemental activities are exposing your products, exposing your biz opp, and personal development. If your network marketing strategy doesn’t incorporate all three areas every day, your business can’t flourish.

Actual Intent of Your Network Marketing Strategy

How many ads do you see boasting a network marketing strategy that will have you generating leads in your sleep? Most likely too many to count. Even though the claim can be real, unfortunately it can create a belief for individuals that using an internet based network marketing strategy removes the need to actually talk to people. Maybe you are working with a network marketing strategy right now that is producing leads; however, your conversion rate is mediocre at best. If that seems to be the case, you need to evaluate how much time you are dedicating to the basic activities. It doesn’t really matter how many leads you are producing, if you are not doing the most important step. The fortune is in the follow up.

Network Marketing Strategy Basic Activities

Sharing your product – Product distribution is what gets the motor running. Retail profits provide immediate cash flow for your business. Retail profits provide greater business building leverage with increased advertising budgets. Purchasers of your products are believers in your products, giving you more obvious contacts to expose your biz opp to. Your network marketing strategy needs to incorporate a weekly plan for sharing your products with others. This is not a reference to how you advertise either. Of course advertising is essential, but you also need people trying, and experiencing your products on a consistent basis. Each company or product might require a specific method or system for how a person arrives at the decision to purchase. Whether it is an intangible or tangible product, doesn’t matter. What you need to realize is that a sale requires a live touch, in most cases. Your system might make the pitch, you might produce contacts, although if you don’t follow up and get that product into someone’s hands, no money is made.

Sharing your opportunity – Sharing your biz opp builds your residual income. While retailing your products produces short term cash flow, careers are built by growing an organization and multiplying efforts. Your network marketing strategy needs a system for not only promoting your opportunity, but it must have a system for contacting the lead as well. Even if you have a system to recruit with the sells itself claim to fame, your system will only work if you work it, by connecting with people. Interaction fuels action. Although most people are researching opportunities online, the real deal is made when a connection and a relationship is built. Again, it’s great if your network marketing strategy for exposure is producing a significant volume of leads, however, if you don’t follow up with your leads, you will lose a big portion of potential business. Systems and robots don’t build relationships, real human contact does.

Personal growth – Perhaps you’re familiar with the statement “your business will never exceed you.” That assertion is unquestionably accurate. I believe 99% of a person’s success is directly related to how they think. If you visit the home of any successful entrepreneur, I bet you’ll find an entire library dedicated to personal growth and success type thinking. I cannot stress this point enough. No matter what type of network marketing strategy you use, it won’t be enough. You must engage yourself daily to improving your leadership skills, mastering human relations, and focusing your thoughts on success and positive expectations. If you want to start attracting higher calibur players to your organization, it starts with you becoming who you want to attract. A system or network marketing strategy cannot grow beyond your capabilities. So ask yourself what you are feeding your brain each and every day? Much like your body needs nourishment and fuel to function properly, your brain needs fuel to reach its potential. If you don’t develop and grow your mind, it is easier to get derailed and off course when the challenges of business and life present themselves, and they always do. Programming your mind is the key to your success in all areas of your business, including your success rate with product sales and team building. It is not enough to sit around and visualize success, you need to fuel success. What you think and what you expect sets the course for your activity and ultimately your results.

Network Marketing Strategy Action Plan

When developing your network marketing strategy, you have got to include all strategic components for building your business. It begins with your network marketing strategy for exposure and lead generation. Next, a process for contacting the leads is essential. Lastly, develop your daily plan to accomplish each of the three necessary activities. Each evening, if you have not produced any results ask yourself these three questions: How many people have I exposed my products to today? How many people have I exposed my business to today? How have I increased my skill and value today? Success is rewarded to those who are diligent.

Understanding Marketing Strategy and Why You Should Have One

Many of you understand the basic concept of marketing. However, to ensure we are all on the same page, here’s a brief refresher.

Definition of marketing: Marketing is the essential process of effective communicating the value of your product and or service to your target customer base.

The goal is to peak their interest enough, allowing them to take action and buy your product or service. You are really doing an amazing job if your customer then refers another customer.

If you are a business and you don’t believe in the process of marketing, I highly recommend you re-think your overall business strategy. You absolutely need marketing to attract a relevant customer base to sell your product or service and have a real chance at making a profit.

Now that you’ve taken a brief refresher as to what is marketing and the importance, the next step is developing a marketing strategy.

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy will help your organization to develop the most optimal process, focusing your scarce resources on convertible opportunities.

Your goal with a marketing strategy is to increase the total sales your organization achieves within the target customer base and establishing a competitive advantage that’s sustainable.

When you are developing a marketing strategy, you have to consider the comprehensive marketing goals of your organization. This includes long-term and short-term marketing goals.

You may have to take small bites before you are able to swallow the amount of success you are sure to achieve with an effective strategy. This information will allow you to develop a complete marketing plan. You can’t get anywhere without a solid plan.

Communication as part of a marketing strategy

In order to develop an excellent marketing strategy, you must conduct research within the target market to know exactly how your customer prefers communication.

Remember, marketing is effectively communicating the value of your product or service to the customer. If you don’t have a clear understanding as to how to best communicate with your target customer, your marketing strategy will be ineffective.

What does this mean? Conduct research to determine if your customers need a visual aide, auditory aide, and or things they can touch and feel in order to become connected to your product or service.

For example, I’m auditory. It’s helpful for products and services I’m interested in to have a jingle to their slogan to help me remember to purchase their item.

When I’m in the store, if I walk past an item I need and I can see the product and then recall the jingle, I find myself making a purchase more times than not if I need the product or service at the time.

In your strategy, you may have to develop a combination to meet the needs of your target market. Nonetheless, discover the way your customer needs you to communicate value.

Product mix as part of an effective marketing strategy

It’s critical to ensure your strategy has a keen focus on the product mix that will cause your customer to react. What does this mean?

A product mix will take into consideration the various lines of products offered to the target market. Let’s take it a step further to ensure an understanding is achieved. For example, if you operate an athletic shoe store serving the entire family, what type of products must you offer to ensure you have a profitable product mix?

Athletic shoes are a given. Then to compliment the shoes, you will offer shoe strings. Another relevant offering would be socks and shoe cleaner. It’s important to anticipate the needs of the target consumer. Athletic shoes require certain attire. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to add athletic apparel to your product mix.

Also, consider the type of athletics your target customers are interested in. Perhaps your customers are runners, basketball players, baseball players, and or football players. You must have a mix that is relevant to your target market.

Your product mix must be right. This will ensure you realize maximum profits from your target customer. You must be willing to put in the work as this knowledge will not come without conducting extensive research.

Why is a marketing strategy so important and why do you need one?

Regardless of the size of your organization, you need a marketing strategy. The benefits far outweigh the time and financial investments to be made to create the most effective strategy.

Change in the industry and target consumer needs

Aside from meeting the needs of your target customer with an effective marketing strategy, you will also learn your strengths and weaknesses as the market evolves.

The goal is to develop a sustainable competitive advantage, thus you need to know what you are good at. The marketing strategy should help you stay current with the changing trends of the industry and the necessary strategic adjustments to be made in order to remain connected with your customer.

For example, if you are a business and you have not already implemented social media as part of your overall marketing strategy, you are behind. Technology is ruling the world we live in. Your customers are online and in-touch via social media. You must get connected to stay connected.

Digital marketing is hot! Many businesses are taking advantage of the mobile lifestyle of their target consumer. Digital marketing allows for a business to advertise on mobile devices, tablets, smartphones, digital billboards (these are really cool), and other digital friendly devices.

This is a huge part of internet marketing and is only going to get bigger. This is a must have in your marketing strategy.

Email marketing is another strategy that is continuing to grow. This is a great way to stay connected with your customer on a permission basis. What does this mean? The customers you send your message to each month, specifically requested to stay in touch. These are high probability sales transactions!

Organizational growth

Your marketing strategy should also help to identify areas for business expansion. Every business has the dream of growing. It’s typically identified in their vision statement.

Your marketing strategy will then direct you in the right direction to help reach the potential new customers you will reach as a result of growth. Growth is great and sustainable if you are able to scale your business in a timely and relevant fashion.

As stated before, you may have general knowledge as to the idea and importance of marketing.

You may even have a basic understanding of a marketing strategy. Now, you understand why it’s critical to have one and you have been armed with ideas to get you started.